i just saw those episode 5 spoilers for twdg season 2 and why did i look at those spoilers i am dead inside

Wait, you mean these?


These are all fake. Don’t worry.

These choices in a nutshell: Fanwank.

Christa, Lilly, Lee-Walker, 7 choices, Luke/Kenny life or death decision.

How can somebody even try to pass these off as real?






you guys realize that by spreading around spoilers for episode 5 ttg might delay the release and rewrite the entire thing?

Well, considering the spoilers are fake, I doubt it’ll delay any of the game.

are they? how are we sure?

I have friends who dig through the games files (and were kinda to blame for the last leak). They said that there is no mention of the episode 5 choices anywhere. If they were there, they would have found them by now.

Don’t be blaming Vivec for the Episode 4 choices being leaked. He tried to keep them under wraps. Other people who promised to keep them secret posted them on twitter for some bizarre reason.




ep 5 choices leaked??? wtf???? whats going on , can they fucking stop. the episode  wasnt even released 2 weeks ago


I know the achievements are out (that’s fine with me, I like speculating.) But the choices? Fuck!

Where were they leaked? I want to stay the hell away from where that happened.

Probably leaked on TTG forum. Stay away from there.

EDIT: Vivec, AKA Boatmaster, the guy who knows the files like the back of his hand says these choices are fake.

I’m actually really glad Luke got to shout at Kenny in Amid The Ruins.

I hope he does it to a greater extent in Episode 5, like a whole ten seconds of shouting at Kenny. Because right now Kenny is getting on my nerves for some reason and he needs to be told to shut the fuck up and leave everyone alone. 

Lately I’m finding myself agreeing with Luke more than Kenny.

Season 2 DLC Idea

Here’s an idea for a DLC that bridges season 2 and season 3 of TWDG. 

  • We play as 4-5 different characters at different points in time, like 400 days. All of them are new characters.
  • None of these characters meet up at any point; their stories are entirely self-contained.
  • None of these characters are determinant, unlike the 400 days group they don’t stay/go or anything. They only have ‘moral’ choices that affect their backstory in Season 3 or how they react to other people.
  • In each Episode of Season 3, one of these characters could show up and we could see how far they’ve come. Some of the points in time in the DLC could be Day 10 of the outbreak; considering we’re at around the Day 856 mark now, they’ll be different to how we remember them.
  • We get the “KENNY!”/”BONNIE!” reaction whenever we see one of them show up.